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Monday, June 09, 2008

CFP: Museum Education Monitor (MEM)

From H-Museum:

What's going on with education-related research and evaluation in science centres and science museums? What are you working on? Want to share it with others?

MUSEUM EDUCATION MONITOR (MEM), the monthly e-newsletter, is compiling a list of ongoing research and evaluation projects for the upcoming June
2008 issue. Listings by museum workers, faculty, and students at all levels of study are welcome. This month's focus is work in science centres and science museums but studies in institutions related to other disciplines are equally welcome.

If you wish to share information on your research or evaluation project with others around the world, please send an e-mail to that
- name of project
- question(s) [no more than 50 words, please]
- how the data will be presented
- principal researcher(s)/ evaluator(s)
- site(s) where research is being conducted
- time span
- contact information
- key words/labels to describe the project [no more than 4 or 5, please.

Check out all research listings back to October 2007 at the MEM blog,
"FORUM: Research and Resources in Museum Education" .

All listings are free of charge and displayed in their language of origin.

**Deadline for the June issue is Friday June 13, 2008.**

FYI, the following research projects were listed in MEM, May 2008:

- Concepciones sobre adquisición y transmisión de conocimiento científico en investigadores dedicados a la divulgación. [Conceptions about scientific knowledge transmission and acquisition in researchers as science communicators] (Brazil)

UPDATES on research listed in earlier isues of MEM:

- Evaluation of Renaissance in the Regions-funded Education programme at Stoke-on-Trent Museums (United Kingdom)[Available for download]

A complimentary copy of this Museum Education Monitor, May 2008, is available upon request to .

Please get in touch for more information about this call or to discuss your research. I look forward to hearing from you!

M. Christine Castle, Editor, Museum Education Monitor For more information about Museum Education Monitor visit

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