CFP: Faces and Facades

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Call for Papers

Renaissance Society of America 2009
Los Angeles March 19-21
Faces and Façades: the structure of display in Renaissance Italy

Bounded by the same etymological origin, the human “face” and the palace “façades” are compared by many early modern sources. As the face, the façade conveys symbolic, political and social values, revealing more than any other aspect about its patron. Both had to respect similar laws of decorum and dissimulatio in displaying the social role of a patron to the public gaze. The aim of the panel is to investigate the structures of display through the dialectic relationships between faces and façades in Renaissance art and theory.

While this call for papers is open to any suggestions that engage with this topic, we are particularly interested in receiving proposals that deal with the history of Renaissance Palace façades (were they adorned with paintings, sgraffiti, sculptures, or were they ephemeral) and their reception. We would consider theoretical as well as concrete approaches to the theme, dealing not only with the social, political and artistic impact of 14th-17th centuries-façades but also with the urban legislation about façades as means of the process of city shaping.

Abstracts of no more than 200 words, for 20 minutes presentations, can be submitted in Italian, English and French to conference organizers:
Dr. Valeria Cafà ( ) and
Dr. Maddalena Spagnolo ( ), before September 9.


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