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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

NaMu: Day 3

Continued from Day 2, Part 2.

Day 3 started early, too early for some, suffering from the previous night's activities. Eventually everyone rolled in and the final session of the workshop, The Dragon's Den' began. After a quick explanation of the concept behind the BBC programme on which it was based, we split up into groups to come up with some, frequently humorous, plans for future museological research. Peter Aronsson, Paul Marty and Lee Iverson, ably took on 'American Idol' panel personas, much to everyone's obvious amusement, and presided over the judging of each group's ideas, accompanied by an interrogation by the audience. Although not altogether successful, the process was fun and the resultant presentations were punctuated with howls of laughter. It's been so long since NaMu, I can't for the life of me remember which team won, and with what research proposal, but the session - and the workshop - certainly ended on a high note.

Many thanks to Simon Knell and Alan Kirwan for organising the workshop, ably assisted by Jim Roberts, Barbara Lloyd and Ross Parry. I shan't be going to the next, and final NaMu workshop in Norway this November (clashes with crucial writing-up phase), but I can definitely recommend the experience - and the people!

N.B. A Facebook group has been set up for NaMu delegates. Check out the pics. ;)

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