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Monday, September 22, 2008

Conference Alert: The Museum as an Agent of Social Change

From H-Museum:

The Museum as an Agent of Social Change
Science Museum London
Wednesday 12 November 2008

This conference explores the idea that museums have the potential to empower individuals and communities and therefore contribute towards combating the multiple forms of disadvantage experienced by individuals and communities at risk of social exclusion. The challenges presented by this social change agenda are significant and the implications fundamental to the museums sector. This conference believes that museums have to radically rethink their purpose and renegotiate their relationship to - and role within - society.

Q&A Session - Audience Involvement and Participation

There will be ample opportunity to question each of the contributors and audience involvement and participation is welcomed. The conference also provides the perfect opportunity to network and discuss ideas with speakers and fellow delegates throughout the day.

Limited Space - Over 50 Delegates Already Confirmed

Delegate places are limited. Please act now to guarantee your place. Conference Passes are £247.

Conference Contributors include:
Keynote: David Fleming - Director, National Museums Liverpool

Jennifer Scott
Director of Research, Historic Weeksville, Brooklyn, USA

Ronna Tulgan-Ostheimer
Coordinator of Community Education & Outreach, Clark Art Institute,
Massachusetts, USA

Elissa Blount-Moorhead
Exhibitions Director, Historic Weeksville, Brooklyn, USA

Julie Finch
Deputy Head, Museum of Bristol

Peter Armstrong
Development Director, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

Tim Desmond
Chief Executive, NCCL Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

May Redfern
Museum Consultant

Greg Chamberlain
499 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes
Great Britain

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