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Monday, September 22, 2008

International Field School in Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development

From H-Museum:

International Field School in Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development
Vietnam, 6 - 21 December 2008

The International Field School in Museums and Sustainable HeritageDevelopment offered by the Museum Studies Program at UQ aims to providefirst-hand experience to graduate students and Professional DevelopmentProgram participants in locating culture in sustainable development in arapidly globalising world. Museums and heritage places kinds are consideredin the context of sustainable economic, environmental and socialdevelopment, with a focus on documented case studies andreal-life examples in Vietnam. Participants will consider how museums, cultural institutions,and heritage tourism can play a role in the revitalization of local cultureand economy, and how international conventions for heritage protection,governance structures, and local area planning intersect within holistic heritage management frameworks. The course provides a critical introductionto cultural mapping, gender and youth issues in community engagement,poverty alleviation and Millennium Development Goals. It also examines thechallenges posed by the conflicts between conservation and development,particularly in World Heritage Areas.

This Field School provides practical field experience not only to graduatestudents and researchers in museum, heritage and environmental studies,practicing museum and heritage professionals, but will also be of interestto those involved in archaeology, anthropology, planning, postcolonialstudies, sustainable development and cultural heritage law. It is alsooffered as an Advanced Study Option for researchers. Past participantsinclude Doctoral candidates and Post Doctoral Fellows from majoruniversities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, China, Korea, Vietnam and Europe

The International Field School is offered in partnership with the local,provincial and national cultural institutions and their respective Vietnamese authorities.

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