Publication: International Journal of Heritage Studies, (14) 5

International Journal of Heritage Studies: Volume 14 Issue 5
now available online at informaworld ( ).

This new issue contains the following articles:

Contributors, Page 387

Climate Change: How Should the World Heritage Convention Respond?, Pages 388 - 404
Author: Greg Terrill

Selling Conflict Heritage through Tourism in Peacetime Northern Ireland: Transforming Conflict or Exacerbating Difference?, Pages 405 - 421
Author: Sara McDowell

Tourism and Tragedy: The Memorial at Belzec, Poland, Pages 422 - 448
Author: Barbara Buntman

Malta: Reclaiming the Naval Heritage?, Pages 449 - 466
Author: John E. Tunbridge

Heritage in Movement: Rethinking Cultural Borrowings in the Mediterranean, Pages 467 - 480
Author: Saphinaz-Amal Naguib

Reviews, Pages 481 - 485
Authors: John Carman; Fiona McLean


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