Amy's Awesome Museums #2: Horniman Museum

Actually, not so much the Horniman Museum (which is awesome, btw), but particularly the temporary exhibition 'Nature as Designer' installed on the mezzanine level above the African Worlds Gallery. The blurb:

Nature acts as an inspiration for artists and designers. This unusual exhibition combines photography, design and nature and includes beautiful large scale photographic images of objects displayed in unexpected and truly inventive ways.

I absolutely loved this exhibition. The designers, Alison Milner and Steve Speller, have, in addition to mounting stunning, large-scale photographic images, collected and creatively displayed together small groups of similar objects (in terms of material, and sometimes form) in wall-mounted boxes, reminiscent of mini cabinets of curiosity. What is particularly exciting are the prompts - the questions asked of the audience - about the objects, offering genuinely new ways of looking at things and actively encouraging visitors to really engage with and critically think about natural objects (and museum display), in a really gentle and non-invasive way. Very inspiring.

My photographs can probably articulate what I'm getting at better than words.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

'Nature as Designer' is on until Sunday 9th May 2010 at the Horniman Museum.


Alison Milner said…
My children found this, thank you very much!
Alison Milner

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