Copyright Workshop

Not because any of us will attend, but because it contains useful keywords and references:
Copyright Workshop, Monday May 24, 2010, 8:00AM-5:00PM,
J.W. Marriott Los Angeles, CA

Know your rights! This 2010 intellectual property rights refresher will dissect new domestic and international copyright issues and provide you with the tools to problem-solve your own copyright questions. Find out the latest on contemporary issues from thumbnails and take down orders to copyright in the new social media context. Participants will have an opportunity to ask an intellectual property rights lawyer questions about copyright and work out real scenarios/copyright conundrums. Some of the topics to be covered will be: Copyright Protection and Ownership; Public Domain; Orphan Works and Due Diligence; Museum Content and Third Parties: Merchandise, Licensing, and Trademarks; User-Generated Content and Social Media; plus in-depth discussion of current court cases on:
Fair use and thumbnail-size images on a museum’s web site with relevant cases such as Kelly v. Arriba and Bill Graham Archives..
Use of museum content by 3rd parties with relevant cases such as the Prince/YouTube controversy and the National Portrait Gallery’s (UK) cease and desist request; we will explore distinctions among commercial, scholarly, personal, non-commercial, and educational use; use of the museum’s name; remixing museum content and more.
Appropriation Art: a fair use or infringement with relevant cases such as Rogers v. Koons and Shepard Fairey v. Associated Press; we will examine the four-factors and other issues such as creating copies of artworks while litigation continues.
Audiovisual works and sound recordings in exhibitions and we will examine issues such as public performance vs. display (copyright law definitions); ASCAP, BMI, SESAC licenses; and more.


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