Analytics Roundup

We at The Attic always enjoy finding out how people find us. I have dipped into our site analytics and have once again been surprised at some of the weird and wonderful searches that lead our visitors to this place... In no particular order:

  • habitual procrastination - no help here, sorry.
  • post-viva depression - been there, done that!
  • tudor mushy peas recipe - I imagine it's not all that different than today!
  • brillo box edinburgh exhibition - I can't even fathom why anyone would search for that.
  • horror musiums [sic] - Gudrun, some of your followers?
  • museum on first date - only if you know she will enjoy the subject matter.
  • cultural diversity spongebob - umm, yeah...
  • attic is hot - thanks for the compliment! (It took me a while to clue into what the searcher was trying to find with this one, and how surprised they must have been to find my Hot or Not series...)

In good news, an increasing number of people are finding us via Twitter, so welcome, Twitterers! Also, apparently, we are #11 on a list of Resources and Advice museum blogs here. Thanks for the link, Emily Thomas!


Jenny said…
Go us! How was this decided? Who by?
Amy said…
We also have 131 subscribers on Google Reader alone!
Jenny said…
And in any case - tudor mushy peas recipe? Where did THAT come from?

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