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Want to share your museum education-related research, evaluation and
resources with interested others around the world?

List your ongoing research and evaluation in MUSEUM EDUCATION MONITOR (MEM),
my monthly e-newsletter. I welcome listings by workers at all sites of
informal learning (museums, galleries, historic sites, science centres,
parks, etc.), consultants, faculty, and students at all levels of study. To
assist these research efforts, I continue to offer a free introductory
one-year subscription to any student in a museum education-related course or
program. Visit for details.

(I've also instituted a complimentary one-year subscription for any museum
educator who is currently unwaged. Contact me at for

To share your ongoing research and evaluation, just send an e-mail to that includes:
- name of project
- research or evaluation question(s) [no more than 50 words, please]
- how the data will be presented
- principal researcher(s)/ evaluator(s)
- site(s) where research is being conducted
- time span
- contact information
- key words/labels to describe the project [no more than 4 or 5, please].

To review recent research listings, read the MEM blog, "FORUM: Research and
Resources in Museum Education" at

All listings are free of charge and displayed in their language of origin.
Deadline for the April MEM is Friday April 16.

FYI, listings for February 2010 MEM included:
- Evaluatie Museonlessen (Evaluation of Museon lessons) (NL)
- Museum Resource Materials Preference of School Teachers in the Philippines
- The Establishment Of Natural History Museums In The American West And
Their Role In The Communication And Interpretation Of Ideas Of Identity,
Natural History, And Culture Through The Use Of Visual Imagery 1880-1920
- Children's Museums: Attitudes toward and responses to social justice
issues (USA)
- Living history from consumer to co-creator (DK)
- Sensing Art: Creating Lasting, Lively, Learning Experiences for Adults
A complimentary copy of this February issue is available upon request.

Please get in touch for more information about this call or to discuss your
research. I look forward to hearing from you!

M. Christine Castle, Editor, Museum Education Monitor
Whitby, Ontario, Canada


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