CFP: Celebrating Memories & Visual Cultures

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Call for Papers
Celebrating Memories & Visual Cultures
ZIFF Conference, Zanzibar, Tanzania
July 2-4, 2007

ZIFF will be celebrating its tenth anniversary with another grand cultural festival from 30th June to 8th July, 2007, under the overall theme of"Celebration of Waters and Dreams." It is a moment of reflection on where we have come from, where we are at, and where we are going.As part of what has become a tradition, ZIFF will organise another conference to celebrate the occasion on the conference theme focusing specifically on "Celebrating Memories & Visual Cultures."As in previous conferences, we are looking for short thought papers that will excite debates and cross-fertilisation of ideas between scholars and artists, story-tellers, documentary and film makers, rather than highly scholastic or technical papers.

The theme has been elaborated under the following sub-themes and topics:

1. Histories & Memories:
- Histories Past: heritage & narrative, identity & self-awareness, and home & away;
- Family narratives, oral history, construction of the past, local, regional & global histories;
- Remembrance: subjectivity, philosophy of mind, travel & tourism;
- Absence & memory: honoured places & events, place & space, emotive locations, loss & trauma.
- Film and/against other historical texts, cinema as medium of nostalgia;
- Found film: lost memories, forgotten places & people.

2. Film & Video
- Filmic mediums, filmic representations, remembering film, filmic diaries;
- Technological change, industrial structures & practices;
- Local and non-local film-making;
- Relationship with other media and cultural practices, especially music & oral story-telling, others featured at ZIFF;
- Film archives;
- The film festival as cultural festival.

3. Space and Place- Cinema and East Africa;
- Transnational cinema;
- Architecture: house & home, structures of significance;
- Museums: representation of culture, history & memory, heritage;
- Cinema and public space: filmic placement, meeting places, historical intervention;
- Cinema & the public sphere: cinema & social change, film & media literacy,democratic & alternative media, media consumption.

Those interested in participating in the conference should send abstract of their paper by 1st April, and final paper by 15th June, 2007 at the latest. An attempt will be made to raise funds to support a limited number of contributors from the Dhow Countries who need such assistance for travel and accommodation. Those intending to apply for such assistance should write an application and send an abstract and their CV by 1st March, 2007 at the very latest.

Please write to:
P. O. Box 3032


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