Procrastination and second-hand books

Just a quick post. I should be doing work, specifically reading 'Orientalism' (for the third time), but I decided on a spot of retail therapy to cheer myself up and just ordered a couple of books (research-related no less!) from It occurred to me that not all of you will know about Abebooks (an online second-hand bookshop/exchange site), and so thought I should blog it! The site is particularly good for tracking down copies of out-of-print and academic books and, for the most part, the American suppliers are cheaper than those based in the UK. I've ordered loads of books through the site in the last couple of years and have never had any cause to complain or be less than satisfied with the service provided (touch wood!). And they're not even paying me to say that! ;)

Other than that exciting interlude, as far as work goes I'm pretty under-motivated being at home. In fact this just about sums my lifestyle up at the moment!


Lena said…
Thank you for this.
It sounds absolutely helpful!
Attic said…
Y'know what's just occured to me? Do the likely environmental 'costs' involved in getting books shipped from the US outweigh the financial savings? Ethical consumerism v. saving a few quid? :S Yet more to feel guilty about...

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