The new Attic!

You will have noticed a few aesthetic changes to The Attic today. This is because the blog has finally been migrated to the new version of Blogger (the publishing software we use), which - apart from making it easier to manage behind the scenes - enables a few little extras designed to enhance the useability (if that's a word!) of the blog. For example, we can now add labels to each post, allowing for keyword searches. The current list of labels (which I'm sure will be expanded over the coming days and weeks) now appear in the right-hand column. Clicking on any of the labels will return a list of the posts related to that subject. Please note, I've only just started to attach labels to old posts, and it's going to take a little while to complete the task. Please bear with me.

One or two other things to note are that the 'recent comments' box which appeared in the right-hand column of the old version of the blog has, unfortunately, disappeared. I'm working on retrieving this. And finally, although only my profile is currently appearing on the front page, the Attic is still a collaborative blog: the other team members' profiles will reappear (hopefully!) on the front page when they have completed the necessary changes to their blogger accounts prompted by the new version of Blogger (fingers crossed!).


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