Funding: AAH Voluntary Work Fund

From H-ArtHist (there's nothing to suggest this is only for undergraduates, though I would imagine you would have be an AAH student member to apply):

The Voluntary-Work Fund is a sum of money set aside by the AAH to support students on work placements or internships at museums, galleries, heritage sites or other visual art environments in the UK. The fund provides financial support for selected students on voluntary work placements/internships that take place after June and last for a duration of up to 4 weeks on a full-time basis (Monday - Friday) or up to 25 days within one year on a part-time basis. Legitimate expenses covered by the fund include: daily travel, meals and accommodation, childcare, training and materials. The intention of the fund is to support unpaid volunteers for expenses that would not otherwise be reimbursed by their host institution, or indeed by any other source. It should not replace existing institutional funding policies.The maximum amount available per student is £20 per day (£100 per week) and the maximum available to any one student is £500.

For full details and application form for the 2007 Student Fund for Voluntary Work, visit the AAH website for the full guidelines and an application form.

Deadline: 31 May 2007.

Chrissie Bradstreet and Claire Walsh


Christina said…
Hi, this open to undergraduates and postgraduate members of the Association of Art Historians. Student membership is just £19 and you can apply for up to £500.
Amy said…
Thanks for clarifying that Christina.

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