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My London-based spy has forwarded me some info about Londoc, a fairly new magazine aimed at postgraduate researchers predominantly in London, but next issue they are going national and are looking for contributors (£50 a pop!), see following text for more details.

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"LonDoc" is a magazine by and for postgraduate researchers (PhD students) based in and around London. All articles are written by current or recently graduated PhD students and cover topics like the stresses of the PhD process, as well as tips they've identified to help them along the road. There's also some more light-hearted stuff to cheer you up when your brain is starting to hurt from re-doing your literature review for the eighth time.

The second issue of LonDoc is available at www.grad.ac.uk/londoc/

A preview of the latest edition:

* Turn "Google stalking" to your advantage!
* Top 10 things not to say in your viva
* Getting around for less
* Isolation squared - doing a PhD from home
* Tame the bibliographic beasties
* Life as a PhD couple
* Have an honorific, will travel
* PG Tips: Mosquitos of knowledge encased in amber so you can clone the best ideas and then populate a theme park with them. Or something.

Whilst LonDoc is currently aimed at an audience nestled within the confines of the M25, this spring we're going national! We aim to keep the same scope and target audience, but will broaden our remit out from being solely London-focused out to the rest of the UK. We will remain "by and for postgraduate researchers". In order to help with the increased workload we are putting together an editorial team from a variety of different backgrounds who will provide guidance and also keep things ticking over if I disappear off the face of the earth (have you ever been to Camberwell???). And now the £50 question: What are we going to call this new national version of the magazine??? Answers by email please (not on a postcard), the winner will get £50, plus a warm satisfied glow.

Paul Wicks
Editor-in-chief, LonDoc

Dr. Paul Wicks
MRC Centre for Neurodegeneration Research
King's College London Institute of Psychiatry
PO 77, Psychology
De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AF

Tel: 020 7848 0715
Fax: 020 7848 5006
email: p.wicks@iop.kcl.ac.uk

A magazine for and by PhD students in London: www.grad.ac.uk/londoc


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