Workshops: Touch and Object Handling in the Context of Museums

UCL Museums & Collections is running a series of workshops exploring touch and object handling in the context of museums. I only saw the notice on Material World this afternoon, so unfortunately, the first workshop of the year has been and gone, but there are others planned for February, March and May 2007. For more info see the UCL website.

P.S. I know I've mentioned it before, but the Material World blog is really worth a read, especially if you're into material culture studies and anthropology. And you can find other exciting stuff like Mary Stevens' Weblog there, to which there has been a link in the right-hand sidebar for a week or so (heartening to know that there really are other Museum Studies PhD students out there!). Plus they gave The Attic its first 'plug' online, so they must be all round lovely people. ;)


Mary said…
Heartening indeed! Thanks for the link to my blog and good luck with your own research.

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