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Thursday, February 18, 2010

CFP: Tourism and Development

New Zealand Geographical Society Conference (2010) with the Institute of
Australian Geographers (IAG), Christchurch, New Zealand, 5-8th July 2010.

Geographies of Tourism and Development

Marcela Palomino (University of Canterbury) and Kirsty Huxford (University
of Canterbury)

Tourism remains one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and has
strong links to development. This panel aims to explore issues surrounding
tourism and development, from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.
Of particular interest are papers addressing experiences of, and responses
to the challenges, changes and opportunities presented by tourism in the
context of development. Papers on methodological issues associated with
tourism and development research are also welcomed.

Themes of interest include, but are not restricted to:

. How discourses of development and underdevelopment are articulated
through tourism.

. Intentional and unintentional, positive and negative impacts for
development as a result of tourism.

. How discourses of development may be used to legitimise tourism.

. Tourism as a space of encounter where notions of Self and Other
may be contested, rearticulated or reinforced.

. How tourist identities change over time, creating new challenges,
changes and opportunities for how tourism is experienced and framed.

. Links between tourism, development and globalisation.

. Relationships between tourism, development and power, including:

o How tourism reflects and is influenced by global and local forces, such
as political economy, politics, and environmental and cultural preservation.

o Influence of global actors such as the World Bank, IMF, development
agencies, NGOs and states.

Please submit a title, 250 word abstract, a list of presenting and
contributing authors and their institutions, audiovisual and equipment
requirements, and six keywords to Marcela Palomino ( or Kirsty Huxford ( by 24 March 2010.

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