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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Call For Papers: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

Call for Papers


Forthcoming DRHA 2010 Conference:

Brunel University, West London

DRHA 2010: Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts

Sensual Technologies: Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity

The conference’s overall theme will be the exploration of the collaborative relationship between the body and sensual/sensing technologies across various disciplines. In this respect it will offer an interrogation of practices that are indebted to the innovative exchange between the sensual, visceral and new technologies.

At the same time, the aim is to look to new approaches offered by various emerging fields and practices that incorporate new and existing technologies. Specific examples of areas for discussion could include:

* Delineation of new collaborative practices and the interchange of knowledge
* Collaborative interdisciplinary practices of embodiment and technology
* Integration/deployment of digital resources in new contexts
* Connections and tensions that exist between the Arts, Humanities and Science
* Notions of the ‘solitary’ and the ‘collaborative’ across the Arts, Humanities, and Sciences
* eScience in the Arts and Humanities
* Use of digital resources in collaborative creative work, teaching,
learning and scholarship
* Open source and second generation Web infrastructure
* Digital media in time and space
* Music and technology: composition and performance
* Dance and interactive technologies
* Taking inspiration from SET: imaging, GPS and mobile technologies
* Evaluating the experience among providers and users / performers and audiences
* Interface Design and HCI
* Performative Practices in SecondLife or other virtual platforms
* New critical paradigms for the conference’s theme

The DRHA (Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts) conference is held annually at various academic venues throughout the UK (click here for previous conferences). This year’s conference is hosted by Brunel University, West London. It will take place from Sunday 5th September to Wednesday 8th September 2010. It will be held across various innovative spaces, including the newly expanded Boiler House laboratory facilities, housed in the Antonin Artaud Building, and state of the art conference facilities plus high standard accommodation.

We invite original papers, panels, installations, performances, workshop sessions and other events that address the conference theme, with particular attention to the ‘Sensual Technologies’ theme. We encourage proposals for innovative and non-traditional session formats.

DRHA 2010 will include a SecondLife roundtable/discussion event, led by performance artist Stelarc, which will enable international participants to present performative work via Second Life. For this event, we particular encourage submission of Machinima works that can be screened as part of this panel.

Short presentations, for example work-in-progress, are invited for poster presentations.

Anyone wishing to submit a performance or installation should visit


for information about the spaces and technical equipment and support available.

All proposals, whether papers, performance or other, should reflect the critical engagement at the heart of DRHA.

The deadline for submissions will be 31 March 2010. Abstracts should be between 600 – 1000 words. Letters of acceptance will be sent by 15th of May 2010, when the conference registration will be opened.

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