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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Elgin Marbles tug-of-war repeated in Anglesey over Hoard

The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map:Elgin Marbles tug-of-war repeated in Anglesey over Hoard

The Megalithic Portal posted this news item earlier. It makes me think what a strange relationship we have with our artefacts. So much is about possession. We truly are a society that defines who they are by what they have. I'm not saying this is automatically a bad thing, just an interesting one. Our material culture and our material past constitutes a hugely important part of our identities. It is strange, though, to think how this relationship, which is so deep, is yet so changeable and so dictated by fashion and political power. Things, perhaps, stay the same...but the relationships between themselves and between them and us change hugely too. And that is a characteristic of identity too.


J said...

Yes, even if we don't understand it, it feels like it should be ours... Fascinating, that...

Jenny said...

It is. It's something so indefinable. We don't understand that basic element that makes us who we are.