Conference: Canadian Museology

Taking Stock: Museum Studies & Museum Practices in Canada
Toronto, Canada
April 22-24, 2010

An interdisciplinary conference hosted by the Museum Studies program,
Faculty of Information, at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Keynote Speaker is Dr. Robert R. Janes who will draw on reflections from his
recently published book, Museums in a Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance
or Collapse?

Over the past 40 years, the discipline of Museum Studies has grown beyond
its foundational premise as the study of museum organization and management
to become a field informed by interdisciplinarian approaches, pedagogies and
techniques. Some have argued that Museum Studies has not only come of age,
as an academic discipline it has moved into the mainstream. Yet for many,
the very formulation of this discipline continues to be a subject of intense
reflection and debate, while its relationship with the community of
professional practitioners it intends to serve is complex.

While much has been written on Museum Studies/Museology from the UK, US,
Australian and European perspectives, less has been articulated about
Canadian traditions in the field. Despite over four decades of formal
academic training and almost two centuries of professional practices, there
are no Canadian national journals, nor annual academic conferences dedicated
to the subject of Museum Studies. Doubtless a Canadian museology exists,
however the research of Canadian museum scholars continues to be diffused
across regional, linguistic, and disciplinarian lines.

The Master of Museum Studies program at the University of Toronto marks its
40th anniversary with a conference that aims to create a forum for a
nation-wide debate and critical examination of the academic discipline of
Museum Studies in Canada in historical and contemporary contexts, and how
this discipline registers within broader global traditions, pedagogies and

This 3-day conference will bring together academics and practitioners,
theorists and students from across the nation and beyond to explore the
components of theory and practice that have structured the field of Museum
Studies in Canada.

Draft program listing sessions and speakers available at

To register online visit:
Students: $50.00 All others: $150.00

(These fees cover the entire duration of the conference, and include
refreshments throughout the event in addition to the conference reception on
Friday evening. There are no day rates available for this event.)


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