Abbey Road Sale

So, the home of the Beatles is up for sale

Part of me wanted to buy it and turn it into a museum. But then I thought, it would be wrong, somehow, to stop it making the music it was intended to.

What do you think? Are there cases where sites should NOT become museums?


J said…
Whoever buys it will have to be prepared for the Beatlemaniac graffiti that will certainly continue to be left on the gates and walls... (I would buy it, if I could!)
Ceri said…
The national trust in the Guardian today are reported to be thinking of buying it... whilst I would prefer it to be a recording studio (although not being a musician myself I am not sure if it is actually a good one or just legendary because of the associations) I think it is fine as a museum as long as it is interactive and visitors can twiddle the knobs on the mixing desk. Ahem anyway childhood dreams aside I feel that the NT probably won't let this happen but we can continue to dream...
Anonymous said…
Abbey Road is two things:

A piece of music history that cannot be replaced.

A top-end studio with one of the last "large rooms" left in the industry, where, among other things, many film scores have been recorded.

The only thing as obscene as closing Abbey Road I can think of in recording history terms would be if they ripped out the guts of Sun Studios in Memphis and put a Starbucks's on that level.

Paul McCartney has commented and made nice noises about how he supports the effort, when he could write a check tomorrow for the 30mill Pounds and end the whole sad affair right there.

Oh, and as a museum (if it comes to that) the last thing in the world you'd want is for people to "twiddle" any knobs.
These vintage gear still there doesn't deserve to be destroyed like that.


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