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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CFP: ICME/2010/Shanghai Annual Conference, Shanghai, China, 7-12 November 2010


ICME/2010/Shanghai Annual Conference

Shanghai, China, 7-12 November 2010

ICME (the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography) is an international committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) devoted to ethnography (ethnology, anthropology, folk) museums focusing on local, national and international cultures. ICME is concerned with the challenges facing ethnographic museums and collections in a changing world.

ICME will hold its 2010 annual conference on 7-12 November, 2010, as part of the ICOM 22nd General Conference in Shanghai, China. Final details of the ICME conference are still being confirmed, but the general format of the annual meeting will consist of paper and discussion sessions.

The theme for ICOM 2010 is Museums for Social Harmony - The theme statement describes different approaches to the concept of harmony and invites to examinations of how museums can contribute to processes that are important for the development of societies.

In line with this, ICME/2010/Shanghai invites papers addressing the general conference theme, but specified to the following sub-themes:

The Challenging Museum/Challenging the Museum - Through this topic, we hope to look at how museums of cultures and societies address themes that are perceived as difficult, silenced, connected to dilemmas of various nature, etc. This theme will be followed up following the ICME/2010 meeting through an ICME Work Group chaired by Per B. Rekdal ( <>

Exchanging Meaning joint session with ICEE (International Committee of Exhibitions and Exhibition Exchange). Speakers are invited to examine how objects and exhibitions acquire new and different meanings when collected or displayed in art, ethnographic or even natural history museums

Submitting abstracts

Abstracts of between 250 and 300 words will be submitted for selection to the ICME Review Committee, chaired by Annette B. Fromm. Submissions should be sent to <> or <> by April 31, 2010. If you send the abstract as attachment, please also include the text of the abstract in the text of the e-mail itself.

The following information should be included with the abstract:
- Title of submitted paper
- Name(s) of Author(s)
- Affiliation(s) & full address(es)
- Abstract in English (between 250 and 300 words)
- Support equipment required

General conference information
Registration forms, registration fee information, hotels, and other details are available on the ICOM 22nd General Conference website -


Details of the ICME conference will be forthcoming on the ICME web site - <javascript:ol('');>

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