A History of the World

The BBC and the British Museum have joined forces in an original and unprecedented public service partnership, focusing on world history. At its heart is a landmark series on BBC Radio 4, 'A History of the World in 100 Objects' which will broadcast from 18th January 2010.

This series is a narrative global history told through the British Museum's unparalleled world collection. The series will tap in to the unique power of objects to tell stories and make connections across the globe. To produce the series the BBC and the British Museum have come together in an ambitious partnership to ensure the widest possible access and engagement across radio, television and online.

So, what do we all think?

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Malcolm said…
Nice idea, even if slightly whiggish, but, "museums across the country"? for a history of the world? It suggests it’ll be a story heading in a fairly positive direction, but we shall have to wait and see. I remain optimistic, and hope it’s podcast too.
Jenny said…
I think it shall be a podcast. I'm looking forward to it - there will be a website, which is how local services can participate, thought the main programme is a wee bit BM-centric I'm afraid. Still, it's a start. The public can upload their chosen items to their local site and augment some of the information too.
Amy said…
I think it all sounds rather exciting, or at least it does in potential. I reserve final judgement. I love the trailer/ident of man vs. bull currently being shown on the BBC. If the programming pushes the boundaries a bit - represents museums and objects as vital and relevant and can retain the same aesthetic and sense of drama I will be impressed.

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