Museums at Night

I'm fascinated by the concept of Museums at Night. It would be nice to see more museums around here taking part.

It is strange, you see, but different times, through lighting, temperature, feeling, create completely different characters for places. What is a bright and airy space by day can become haunted and strange at night. Strange stories hide in the cracks. Places become invisible. Objects become strange.

So perhaps, if you are near an event or able to get to one, you could go and see for yourself.


Elee said…
I just saw a genius idea on Twitter - the Exploratorium (San Francisco science centre) is putting on activities for kids on Valentines night, so parents can drop the kids off and go for a romantic dinner!

Following more on from your comment, another strange time to be in museums is very early in the morning. Was at the BM at 7:30 a couple of weeks ago, to help with the Kids in Museums Manifesto 2010 launch. Weird twilight through the glass roof... only slightly spoilt by the sound of the floor polishing machine!
Jen said…
i'd like to go to museums at night :) i went to the sydney aquarium late at night and it was awesome! seeing things in a different light is so much fun... especially is the museum is all dark and scary, hee hee :D
culture24 said…
It's great that you're interested in the idea of Museums at Night! Would you be interested in writing a guest post for the Museums at Night blog about how the character of museums changes at night, and why you think the experience is valuable? It's at

So far, the only confirmed Museums at Night event happening in Leicester over that weekend (May 14-16) is at the Jewry Wall Museum (, although we hope more venues nearby will sign up too.

You can link in with other interested people on the Museums at Night facebook page here:
Jenny said…
Yes, absolutely I would be interested! Will you invite me to the blog? When would you like me to do it? Before or after the event?

Thank you very much for your comments! It is a great pleasure to get involved!


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