A little light relief

Time for a round-up of recent 'stumbles-upon' thanks to Google Analytics. Somehow searching for the following keywords and phrases brought people to The Attic.

ancient greek orgy - gosh, we must have disappointed!

47 labs power dumpty - your guess is as good as mine. *scratches head*

alchemy fire colchester - sounds a rather too intellectual pursuit for Colchester. *ducks*

attic men porn volume 151 - damn, I've only got volume 156.

best naked body - a theme is emerging.

ceri warwick naked - is there something about your trip to the castle you would like to tell us about Cezza?

does richard o'brien worship the devil - any thoughts?

ektoplazma macabre museum - top of Gudrun's 'to visit' list (if you know her, you'll understand).

feeling despair at a PhD - you're not alone.

get back to where you once belonged - charming!

hilarious sword fights of the 1980s - now that's something I'd like to see.

how far from Munich airport to Ottobeuren - one word, atlas.

inspiration uploaded - direct to the brain? Yes please!

leicester calendar naked students - enough of the nudity already!

ross parry dish - just one of his many fans.

secret attic grow spot - intriguing...

tips for overcoming procreation - tie a knot in it?

viva tipes - learn to spell.

what the mary? - wtf?

We love all our readers, including those of you who found us via rather, erm, unconventional means.


Marianna said…
I'm really surprised by the first one :p

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