NHL: publish or perish - this Friday

From the New History Lab:

'Publish or perish' might well sound like lyrics to a popular beat combo, and if you've been worried about publishing your work, then we hope that this Friday's New History Lab will be music to your ears. It's a growing imperative for postgraduate students, both research and taught-course, to publish the findings of their research. There's a biblical parable about candles and baskets (you'd not be allowed that now as it's a fire risk), which I can't quite remember. The point is there is little point finding out these wonderful historical things if you are going to hide them away in filing cabinets and notepads. 'History Today' is one of the best-selling history magazines in the UK, and Paul Lay, editor of this venerable publication, will be giving a masterclass on publishing, and will be available to answer your questions. This is a seriously good opportunity. This is the New History Lab at its most useful.

However with all this utility, there's still going to be plenty of fun too. I was, alas, not present at the last lab, as you'll have noted by the wonderful quiet in which the whole thing took place. For example no splitting headache when you got home. I had to go to Dundee for a conference. Whilst the catering was pretty good, and the discussion excellent, there was no home-made cake at this. And no pink. Shocking! I'd hoped for a slice of Dundee cake as a minimum. I knew it was a terrible mistake to have strayed thus from the confines of the Lab, and the convivial historical happiness it offers. I shan't let that happen again. I've learnt my lesson, and am returned amongst the faithful. And why wouldn't I? We've got cake, history and then the pub. What more do you want? Tiffin will be served from 4:30pm, and history begins at 5pm. All in the usual location of 1, Salisbury Road, Leicester.


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