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Friday, May 01, 2009

Be King for the Day!

I hazard to mention his name again but, yes, Henry VIII, well-known tyrant and womaniser, strikes again.  Culture 24 reports that the British Library is on the look out for a Henry look-alike.  Judging takes place on Bank Holiday Monday.

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Ceri said...

I think Henry VIII will receive the award for 'Most Over-rated Person in History EVER!' closely followed by Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, another two people whose impact on history but will be but a miniscule blip when actually placed within their context. Henry VIII may have kick-started the Reformation in England but it took another couple of centuries before it took proper hold (witness how quickly Mary I put it all back again) as far as I can gather. And he was still essentially a Catholic when he died. Okay these are cheap shots but I wish we could think about another king, maybe Edward II or King John, the more interesting ones!!