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A little while ago I promised to do a round-up of museum tweeters (those with Twitter accounts, for the uninitiated). Here it is! Apologies for the lack of analysis - after a couple of days off, I must get back to my thesis. Btw, this is by no means a definite list, just those I've found so far in no particular order.  They do all update regularly though.

Nina Simon, of the blog Museum 2.0

Culture 24 (previously 24 Hour Museum)

Kirsten Teasdale, ex-MA student within the Department of Museum Studies

New Curator, of the blog with the same name

MLA (Museums Libraries Archives Council)

N.B. The Attic doesn't tweet at present, but, if you really want to, you can always follow me. I can't guarantee intelligent or insightful musings upon museums, however. ;)


CatR said…
Thanks for that! Do you use twibes at all?

I also follow Getty Museum (several updates of "factoids" a day)

British Museum - bland marketing

The New Museum (Liverpool) - currently mainly building updates

MancLibraries - good variety of events and news

MutterMuseum - a medical museum

(no idea if that worked - sorry if double post)
Amy said…
Thanks for your comment and further suggestions CatR. Yes, I am a member of a number of twibes. I feel a follow-up post coming on!

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