Images of Market Harborough

Market Harborough is one of those medium-sized English towns of which there are so many; largely composed of solid late eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings and retaining enough of its original character to counteract some of the (often) appalling mistakes of the twentieth century, for example the over-similar, garish signs of the high street. Although it is unlikely to be on any definitive tourist itinerary  there is enough history here to make an interesting visit for a day's diversion (and also plenty of charity shops if you are that way inclined). Following are some images of places and things that captured my interest in no particular order...

The graceful Congregational Chapel at the end of the High Street, also the home of a second-hand book fair.

The Angel Hotel, which looks like it might have been a large coaching inn when it was first built.

The picturesque High Street which has retained much of its character and nineteenth century proportions.

The market cross in the centre of town.

Obscure slogan on the side of St Dionysius' Church.

Another view of the church; there is no churchyard and so it sits proudly in the midst of the market place.

The Grammar School built by Robert Smyth in 1614; obviously they cared about people in the old days as the porches were added so that people could shelter under them when it was raining.

An elaborate carved sign over this public toilet.

Another interesting door, this time with stained glass window advertising a club room; I wonder what type of club it was?

Thomas Cook ran one of his first excursions by railway from Leicester to Market Harborough; here is a plaque to commemorate him.


Amy said…
In our defence, I should make it clear that we would have visited Harborough Museum, had it not been closed for refurbishment. Honest, it *was* shut! ;)

Oh, and I've decided that Melton Mowbray beats Market Harborough hands down, because it has PIE!
Jen said…
What kind of pie?
Amy said…
Pie du porc. I can recommend a visit to Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe in Melton:

I am kind of obsessed.
Amy said…
OMG, have just noticed my fat arse in the photo outside The Angel. I think I should lay off the pork pies for a bit!!! ;D

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