Contribute to the homepage of the new ICOM website with museums' pictures

Within the framework of the new upcoming ICOM website, we wish to strengthen the visibility of ICOM members, museums and the related professions.

Pictures of museums or professionals of museums in action will appear randomly on the website homepage. This is why, we are in the process of forming a library of museums' pictures and pictures from the ICOM members are welcomed.

In order to join this library, the pictures will have to meet the following criteria:

- esthetic criteria: well centered photography, good luminosity, where we recognize in an evident way the subject (building/profession),

- we would prefer a photography taken from the top or in low-angle shot (from below)

- Width: 1600 px

- Height: 1450 px

- Quality: 300 dpi

- free copyright and/or negotiated rights (indication of the photo credit)

We will only use the pictures matching those criteria due to the fact that the presentation of those pictures on the homepage website is special. By sharing your pictures, you will have the opportunity of a high visibility on this website which intention is to become the world museum community reference.

In order to represent the largest number of museums and geographical areas, we thank you for emailing your pictures (subject: museums pictures ICOM website) at the following address:

The Secretariat of ICOM


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