My name is Amy and I'm an eBayholic

So, anyone who knows me quite well, will also know that I have a bit of an addiction to rescuing, I mean buying, stuff on eBay.  During a writing break, this evening, I came across a vintage pendant necklace, which just so happens to have been produced for the British Museum in 1982.  It comes with the original leaflet explaining its provenance.

Bird Pendant

The original gilt-silver brooch was found near Pontoise, Seine-et-Oise, France.  It depicts a bird with a prominent beak and claws and a red garnet eye.  Highly stylized animal motifs using gold with garnet inlay are typical of Germanic Jewellery of the Early Medieval period.  Frankish, 6th century AD.  Moulded from the original in the Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities.

It was 99p.  I've bought it.  I can feel a collection of museum reproductions coming on.  Collecting something based upon an object in a museum collection manufactured as a souvenir of a visit to that museum is just too deliciously 'meta' to pass up, hein?


J said…
I think it's more appealing if its a "vintage" museum reproduction. There's more "aura." (Somebody needs to write an essay about this!!!)
Amy said…
Yes, definitely! The contemporary reproduction of an ancient Egyptian Baast cat is nice (if you like that sort of thing), but doesn't have the same 'appeal' (yes, that is the right word) as something older. I guess 1982 now counts as vintage? I'm hazy on the definition... (God, I'd been at school for two years, how can *that* be vintage?!!!)

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