Workshop: Photography for Museums and Galleries (London/UK, 9 June 2009)

Photography for Museums and Galleries
One Day Workshop
London, Tuesday 9 June 2009

Photography for Museums and Galleries is an intensive, highly-practical workshop limited to just 24 museum and gallery participants.

High quality photography is becoming increasingly important to museums - whether for publicity, record or publishing purposes - and yet so often the images made fail to adequately capture the beauty or the impact of the real thing. And, yes, photography in a museum environment often faces challenging conditions: extreme light levels, reflections, confined spaces...

This workshop will address in very practical terms, the need to secure the highest quality images, whether by commissioning photographic work, or by directly taking pictures.

We are thrilled that one of the world's leading photographers of museums, galleries and buildings will be leading this workshop: Dennis Gilbert.

Commissioned by leading museums throughout the UK, Europe and North America, Dennis Gilbert's work includes superlative records of such iconic buildings as Guggenheim Bilbao, David Chipperfield's Neues Museum in Berlin, the De Young Museum in San Francisco (Herzog and de Meuron), Liebeskind's Jewish Museum (Berlin), the British Museum, and Spacelab's futuristic Kunsthaus Graz. As well as a photographer, Dennis Gilbert is a partner in VIEW Pictures, whose 40-plus photographers are constantly commissioned to undertake photographic projects. He is therefore uniquely well-placed to lead a workshop which spans both the commissioning and the taking high quality museum images!

The workshop will take participants through the complete commissioning and image-making processes and will incorporate practical demonstrations and excercises as well as actionable, in-depth information and advice. There will be the opportunity to discuss your organisation's particular needs, and to get invaluable advice on your individual requirements.

During the course of the day, the following three key areas will be covered:

1. Setting the Scene
* Introduction: types and styles of photography
* An approach to architectural and record photography, both interior and exterior - both exhibitions and buildings
* The particular challenges of this type of photography
* What works and what doesn't: a review, analysis and discussion of a range of successful images

2. Commissioning Images
* Advice on what to think about and plan for when commissioning images
* Making images available/selling images

3. Taking Images
* Advice on how to overcome the distinctive challenges of photography in museums
* Tooling up: equipment and software
* Practical, hands-on exercise with individual feedback
* Discussion, review and analysis of the images taken in the practical exercise

You'll be able to raise in advance any issues you'd particularly like covered, so that the day will really meet your needs. This will be a unique, intensive and highly-rewarding event. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

About Dennis Gilbert
A highly-experienced photographer, Dennis Gilbert expects every image to be inventive, independent and to complement his visual narrative of a building (or exhibition). His ideal is to make a picture that works for all: one that explains mass, form and space to the public, and also one in which the architect (or designer) recognises his own work. Without drawing the viewer's attention to any of the photographic mechanics, the image should quietly convey its information and atmosphere.

He was awarded the Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2005.

Who Should Attend?
Professionals with responsibility for - or a requirement to enhance - their institution's work in the fields of: photography, image-creation, design, interpretation, presentation, communication, publishing, branding, online services.

Delegate fee: £247 (first delegate) or £197 (additional delegates).

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