Museum Shinobi

The Museum Shogun has lain down the gauntlet. Are you up for the challenge?
I’m offering people to join my Dojo of Museum Shinobi. You can write whatever you like, criticise, praise, appear like a breeze, stick in a knife then disappear again. Shinobi means stealth, so you get to do this anonymously. (I exercise the right to not get myself sued, which may help me judge if things get “too far”)

As Museum Shogun, I get to give you your new Museum Shinobi name. Remember, grasshopper, I will not reveal you or your identity. I would like indicators to people if a Shinobi makes more than one article.

So, here is your chance to get something off your chest without committing Career Seppuku. Or your chance to air an idea without worrying about Reputation Harakiri. However, I am probably not going to publish what a million people are saying publicly ( ie ”I think Brandeis University is wrong!”) or mundanely (Museums need to be more child-friendly!). This is not a chance to be timid. My Shinobi will be Strong.

Interested, grasshopper? Email me shogun(at) with either a finished article or some ideas of what you want to write about and we will discuss it further.


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