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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Conference Alert: Cost-Effective Visual Merchandising for Museums & Galleries (London/UK, 7 July 2009)

Cost-Effective Visual Merchandising for Museums & Galleries Study Day
London | Tuesday 7 July

Increasing your shop's visitors and sales is, of course, what visual merchandising is all about. A tool to help you achieve your sales targets, enhance your merchandise, and turn your browsers into buyers. It can also be a quick, cost-effective way to refresh the whole look of your shop.

Kate Bull, who will lead the day, is one of the UK's leading retail business consultants, whose clients include both leading museums (MOSI, South Bank Centre) and high street stores (M&S, Habitat, Camper). The emphasis will be on identifying simple, inexpensive ideas and techniques which are being successfully used on the high street and exploring how these can be applied to the museum retail environment.

We guarantee you'll come away inspired, brim-full of new ideas and itching to put them into practice!

The day will be an intensive, practical and enjoyable learning experience:

* a briefing session will introduce the subject, discuss what to look out for, and how to assess what you'll see
* during visits to selected high-street stores, large and small, you'll view best-practice visual merchandising in action - bring your notebooks, cameras or cameraphones!
* over lunch we'll debrief, feedback and discuss what we've seen and learned
* and then move on to a range of museum shops, where we'll explore their visual merchandising - and analyse what improvements might be made
* a final debriefing and summary will ensure you have a list of key action points to implement when you return to your own museum shop.

After the event, you'll have exclusive access to an online collection of images, comments and analysis for study, inspiration and sharing with colleagues.

Delegate fee: first delegate £247, additional delegates £197.

Includes lunch, refreshments, resource materials and transport between venues.

H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies

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