The BM Loves Wikipedia

The following text comes from Matthew Cock at the British Museum, and I thought I'd highlight it for those of you interested in engagement with digital media and communications in museums!

In June 2010 we're piloting a project with the creation of the role of
"volunteer Wikipedian in residence". Australian Wikipedian Liam Wyatt
will be with us for around five weeks. We've provided access to one of
the broadest-ranging cultural collections in the world. Wikipedia, the
free encyclopedia, is the most consulted and largest compendium of
knowledge ever compiled. By harnessing the expertise of the British
Museum and the reach of Wikipedia, this project aims bring mutual
benefit to both organisations.

Liam's underlying task will be to be to build a relationship between
the Museum and the Wikipedian community through a range of activities
both internally and public-facing. These will include: creating or
expanding existing articles about notable items or subjects of
specific relevance to the collection and the Museum's expertise;
supporting Wikipedians already editing articles related to the British
Museum both locally and internationally; and working with Museum staff
to explain Wikipedia's practices and how they might be able to
contribute directly. As this is a pilot project the scope and scale of
the activities will necessarily change as the project progresses.

We will be organising a 'backstage pass' tour for local Wikipedians
during June, and will post any information on MCG.

Do contact me ( or Liam (
if you're interested.


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