Science Museum Extension

This extension seems to be provoking debate in the architectural world - I would like to know what you think? Check out the flythrough and the associated articles, and give me some feedback!



Elee said…
I haven't read the associated articles, but I have watched the flythrough. Two of the big problems I think the science museum has at the moment are that the entrance really isn't obvious, and the building doesn't particularly stand out on the street. The bulge certainly helps the second problem, but I still didn't feel like the museum had much of an entrance. I quite like curvy architecture, so I will be interested to see how this looks in reality.

Although I love science museums, I find this science museum quite intimidating - it is so huge I spend most of my time feeling lost. It has been a while since I've been - most visits to South Ken end up at the NHM - I need to remind myself of what I like about it. I know it is quite a jumble, but I also quite like this about it. That said, I do have a vague recollection of some of the stuff upstairs being particularly dull compared to a lot of the other galleries, so this probably does need a boost.

Anyway, it definitely makes me want to go and check out the place again. London trip, anyone?
Jenny said…
I wish :) Interesting comments, Elee. Have to say, I only remember being in the archives, so I've not seen the museum as is. Hence why I'd like to hear opinions, so thanks!!!
Amy said…
OMG! The launchpad/spacey bit is awesome! I love the idea of the constellations pricked out in daylight. Not sure about the entrance 'bulge' though. Can't see the connection between it (both physical and conceptual) and the rest of the developments. Plus, wouldn't it damage the façade irreparably?

Do you know? I've never visited the Science Museum. But I would if it had rockets and space and stuff. :D

(Wait till you all see my uber-geeky space shuttle t-shirt!).
Elee said…
It *has* got rockets and space and stuff!

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