PODCAST #2: Hallowe'en Museum Crawl (31/10/09)

At long last, I am delighted to announce that the second Attic podcast is now available!

It features just over an hour of audio recorded during our Hallowe'en Museum Crawl on 31st October 2009. Listen as we visit New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, the City Gallery, Jewry Wall and Newarke Houses Museum. Marvel at our enormous intellects (*cough*) as we discuss such burning issues as repatriation and disposal, and quake with horror as we share our spooky museum ghost stories. Finally, as Hallowe'en is just eight months away, make sure you pay attention to Elee's impromptu pumpkin carving tutorial, which concludes the podcast.

I have to warn you that there is a smidge of bad language and copious innuendo thrown about during the podcast - not to mention 'nudey men'. If that sort of thing bothers you, I suggest you don't listen.

Also, I should restate that the views expressed during the podcast are personal and do not reflect those of the School of Museum Studies.

Ready? Take a deep breath and press play.

Jenny has very cleverly stumbled on a way of downloading the podcast should you prefer that to listening to it as a streamed file. Just click on the 'divshare' icon on the right-hand side of the player and follow the instructions!


Jenny said…
All downloaded. Waiting to listen to it soon!!! Yey!

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