Historical Hot or Not III

While not a museum founder per se, it was Prince Albert who was the visionary force behind the Great Exhibition, and who saw fit to preserve some of its displays in The Museum of Manufactures. This museum would later become the Museum of Ornamental Art, then the South Kensignton Museum, and is now best known to us as the Victoria and Albert Museum. (To me, it is the Happiest Place on Earth.) So given that, what do we think of the studly German Prince Consort?
Prince Albert wearing the Order of the Golden Fleece, by F.X. Winterhalter, 1842. Royal Collection.

Note: please keep the comments clean and refrain from speculation on the mythical piercing, OK?


Amy said…
HOT!!! But then, my thoughts on Prince Albert are already well know, so this should come as no surprise.

(Jen- on the other hand objects to his ears, for some reason).

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