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Friday, March 12, 2010

Building Diversity - Journal of Museum Education


Journal of Museum Education: A Publication of the Museum Education Roundtable
“Building Diversity in Museums”
Tina R. Nolan, Interim Editor
Fall 2009
128 pages; Vol. 34, N. 3


“From the Editors” – Elizabeth L. Maurer and Tina R. Nolan

“From the Guest Editors” – Gillian McIntyre and Syrus Marcus Ware

“Thinking Through Diversity” – Jessica Harrington

“Art History Through Lens of the Present?” – Gerald McMaster

Access is Not a Text Alternative – Stephen Brown

“Walking with Janet Cardiff, Sitting with Massimo Guerrera, and Eating Apples with R. Murray Shafer: Meaningful Museum Experiences with Participatory Art for Visitors with and without Visual Impairments” – Elizabeth Sweeney

“Mixed: The Study of 'And'” – Nancy Arms Simon

“Capacity Building and Cultural Ownership: The V&A Working with Culturally Diverse Communities” – Eithne Nightingale

“Beginning with Change: Resources for Building Diversity in Museums” – Tara Turner

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