After my child-like rapture of yesterday, I am evidently back to being my cranky self - grumbling at what I think is a pretty lame idea on the part of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. To wit:
MOCAD is inviting artists, collectors and others to visit the museum Saturday evening with at least one piece of original art in tow. Participants will be encouraged to collectively smash, mutilate and destroy the works they brought. Everyone is encouraged to then work together to create a new art piece using the remnants of the smashed works. The museum requests that no glass, dangerous materials or hazardous products be used.
So much for artistic freedom, then.

You see, the first thing I thought of was this bit from the 1978 Beatles parody, The Rutles: All You Need is Cash, in which "Nasty," the John Lennon character, first encounters "Chastity," a Nazi wannabe Yoko parody whose "art" consists of bits of rubble thrown out of tall buildings:

It's never a good thing if your innovative audience engagement strategy was already parodied 32 years ago as a really terrible idea...


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