Addressing audience needs on a capital project

The Capital Projects Network group are arranging a one day seminar that will look at 'Addressing Audience needs on a Capital Project'.

This event will take place on Friday 18 May at the Weston Park Museum, Sheffield. Please see agenda attached above.

If you would like to attend the above seminar and would like to book a place, please could you contact Helen Thomas either via email at, or by phone on 0113 262 4466.

Capital Projects Network group
Weston Park Museum
Addressing audience needs on a capital project
Friday 18th May
Seminar outline

Seminar aims:
To discuss ways of identifying the needs of audiences in order that they can be addressed
To identify ways of involving audiences in a museum / gallery development project
To discuss how an effective dialogue can be established with the design team in order that audience needs are addressed
To explore the opportunities and issues that arise with particular audience groups

Seminar programme:

10.00am Registration and tea / coffee

10.15 am Introductions and purpose

10.20am Speaker 1: An overview of Weston Park Museum project

10.40am Speaker 2: Identifying audiences needs on Weston Park Museum project through research and consultation

11.00am Speaker 3: Examples of audience involvement in Weston Park Museum project

11.20am Questions and discussion, identifying points for follow up in afternoon
11.30am Look around Weston Park Museum (optional - museum staff available to lead tours)

12.30pm Lunch (provided – buffet) and more time to look around

1.30pm Speaker 4: Mechanisms for advocating for and embedding audience needs on a redisplay / development project

1.50pm Questions and discussion

2.00pm Meeting the needs of audiences – ways and means, opportunities and issues.

Small group discussion led by museum staff. Options:

Group 1, schools

Group 2, families

Group 3, adults

Group 4, young people

15.00pm Coffee break

15.15pm Group feedback

15.45pm Final comment and discussion - all

16.00pm Close


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