Top blogging! MW2007

Lynn Bethke has been blogging from Museums & the Web 2007 about her experiences of volunteering at the event. Through her round up of Day 2, I came across the results of a survey I completed oh...before Christmas, I think. The Radical Trust paper and presentation make for very interesting reading (I do love my stats!), not least because The Attic gets a mention!

The Attic was #13 of 15 top museum blogs ranked by number of user comments in the previous 30 days (data collected 21st Dec 2006). Three months later, we'd shot up to #4 (6th April 2007). While I suspect most of the comments tallied were just me and Ceri talking amongst ourselves, it's absolutely FANTASTIC to get a bit of recognition. Well done everyone who has contributed to the blog - have a pat on the back from me. Of course, you realise, we're going to have to keep it up now!

The paper and slideshow give details of some other really interesting sounding blogs well worth investigating. That's my Sunday set then. ;)


Lynn Bethke said…
Check out for a central hub of online conversation about MW2007. Lots of people have lots to say. :)
Amy said…
Thanks for the link Lynn!

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