Symposium: Objects, Images and Imaginings

From the ICME listserv:

(By the way, the mentioned flyer was not attached to the email I received - sorry about that!)

The James Green Centre for World Art and the University of Sussex are delighted to announce that the symposium, ‘Objects, Images and Imaginings: New Perspectives on the Material and Visual Culture of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’, will take place at the Brighton Museum &
Art Gallery on Friday May 18 2007. Details are contained in the attached flyer.

As well as the speakers mentioned therein, we are also pleased to present our keynote speaker Professor Vishvajit Pandya. Dr Pandya is a world-renowned scholar in the field of Andamanese cultural studies and the international specialist in the historical and contemporary art and cultural heritage of the Jarwa and Ongee communities (Andaman Islands, India). We intend to welcome a diverse audience, and are confident that the symposium will be of interest to curators with Andamanese or Nicobarese materials in their care, scholars who focus on the region or comparable colonial/postcolonial situations, and all those concerned with the socio-cultural and political significance of the material contents of European museums.

Please feel free to contact me for further information,

Claire Wintle
World Art (Research)

James Green Centre for World Art
Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
4-5 Pavilion Buildings

Tel. 01273 292863


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