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Something for all you social inclusionists out there:

Call for paper

The journal Africa e Mediterraneo ( ) is going to publish a special issue devoted to the theme of young people and social inclusion/exclusion in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. Social researchers are invited to send us proposals and papers for publication.

Youth and social inclusion/exclusion in Europe and in the Mediterranean area

The next issue of Africa e Mediterraneo aims to offer an overview on young people risk being socially excluded in Europe and in the Mediterranean area. The analysis will pay attention to their condition of cultural belonging, their relation with spaces (physical and mediatic) and their problems of social integration.

A special focus will be on second-generation young immigrants and their integration process. The social exclusion, experienced by young people in minority groups ghettos, represents a phenomenon more and more important for institutions and civil society; the dossier aims to present the debate for the comparison between the social research and the practices offered by intercultural operators and educators.

The following issues will be considered:

§ The analysis of second-generation young immigrants in Europe in relation to the social inclusion/exclusion spaces (physical and mediatic).

§ Second-generation young immigrants between research, building and deconstruction of the identity which will be able to represent a link between the country of origin and the hosting country.

§ Young people risk being socially excluded in the Mediterranean area and in Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Algeria, Ghana): their perspectives, their approach to Europe.

Language: For this special issue, Africa e Mediterraneo will publish articles in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Deadline for the submission of articles: 10 June 2007

For information, contact:

Filippo Mantione

Tel.: +339 051-840166

Associazione Africa e Mediterraneo

Via Gamberi 4 - I-40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)

tel. + 39 051 840166 - fax + 39 051 6790117 -

c.f. 91221260374


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