The Gulbenkian Prize

I think this may have already been mentioned but here is the shortlist for the Gulbenkian Prize for Britain's best museum or gallery. The winner will recieve £100,000 and is due to be announced on the 25 May.

Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow

Pallant House, Chichester

Kew Palace, London

Weston Park Museum, Sheffield

The following link is to a blog by one of the judges, Joanna Moorhead, in which she gives some details about each of the shortlisted museums and a link to where you can vote for your favourite.

I personally have voted for Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. I used to hang about there as a student and fell in love with the poky little museum with its jumble of strange artefacts from Sheffield and around the world. The best exhibit in my mind was a 100 year old stuffed lion who had been patted and stroked by so many generations of Sheffield school children that he had lost near most of his hair, resembling a stuffed piece of leather instead of the 'King of the Jungle' he had once been. So when I heard it was the subject of a £19m renovation my first thought was "I hope they keep the lion!" I went back at the end of last year and well... I am going to visit again this weekend so I'll write a proper review on my return :)


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