Fear the Olympics will lead to massive cuts

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is anger that the Olympics will lead to the siphoning off of funding for museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. Already the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery will face dramatic cuts. It seems that the Government is preventing any kind of debate on the proposed cuts, see this article in the Guardian today about the cultural sector's response.



Amy said…
I'm a bit torn on this issue. On one hand it seems very unfair and very short-sighted for the Government to re-focus funding at the expense of the arts and culture. On the other, I'm very pro the Olympics (being a near-obsessive armchair sportswoman) and what it stands for. The Games will inevitably bring a lot of extra visitors to London, who - I am sure - will spend time and money at London museums, exhibitions and galleries. But that potential additional revenue is still five years away and not, by any means, guaranteed. It's altogether a really difficult issue. And what the solution is? I really don't know.

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