CFP: Museum Encounters Between Objects and the Public

From H-Museum:

Call for Paper Proposals

"Museum Encounters between Objects and the Public"
College Art Association's Annual Conference
Dallas, Texas
February 2008

The session will focus on the encounter between art objects & the public in the art museum context. Papers exploring the historic reception of specific objects, styles, and exhibitions in museums historically; museum objects' social lives, or biographies, over time; changing audiences for objects from production to their modern-day museum context; artists' interrogation of and intervention in museum visitors' practices are all welcome. The session arises from the observation that the public's encounter with works of art in museums has been investigated by art historians, museum educators, curators, and artists from vastly different perspectives and with few opportunities for dialogue. It thus aims to bring together those actively exploring from different perspectives the experiences, histories, and practices of the modern-day public in art museums.

Please send a 1-2 page double-spaced proposal to the address below. Include a paragraph explaining your interest and expertise in the topic and note whether you are a CAA member. Include a CV with name and address, including email and phone, and a summer address and telephone number (if different from your home address).

Send all submissions by May 11, 2007 to the address (post or email) below:

Dr. Christina Olsen
Getty Foundation
1200 Getty Center Drive
Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90049


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