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Recently on a trip to the Science Museum I saw the "best thing ever" (since the last best thing ever) - finger puppets of famous philosophers and scientists like Darwin, Marie Curie, and... believe it or not the patron saint of museum studies Michel Foucault himself! Of course I had to buy a Foucault - he is now proudly on my desk at work and is joined by Marie Curie and her test tube of toxic liquid (really). Fortunately they have magnets on their heads so you can stick them to the fridge and prevent them from getting lost in drawers.

I would not have the right to call myself a researcher if I did not look up the people who make these wonderful puppets - the link is below and in the absence of a picture I really think you need to look at these to believe them (look under 'magnetic personalities' for the full range). So far I have only seen them in the Science Museum gift shop but if I see any retail outlets closer to home I will post them.



Amy said…
These are great! Almost as good as the (pretend) Foucault lego set on the Theory.org.uk website.

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