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Sunday, April 22, 2007


The MA Art Museums & Gallery Studies students, based in the Department of Museum Studies have a show on at the moment at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, entitled Re:generation. Definitely worth a look, it's located on 'The Wall', on the ground floor of the museum adjacent to the caff.

More details on their website. It's on view until the 7th May (normal museum opening hours apply).

Go along and show some solidarity with your fellow students! It's certainly made me itchy, itchy, itchy to do something a bit creative.

Apart from Re:generation, New Walk Museum has a couple of other major temporary exhibitions on at the moment.

Face to Face, 'a powerful close-up of humanity's closest biological relative - the ape' and Ortonesque: Joe Orton 1933-1967, a retrospective which documents the life and work of the Leicester-born playright. Face to Face closes on the 6th May, with Ortonesque coming to an end the day after.

No reviews this time, I'm afraid. I was already feeling quite miserable, helpless and at odds with the world. The twin themes of cruelty and murder did little to lift my mood, so all I managed was a quick scoot around both.

I've got masses to do in the coming week, so I shall sign off by bidding you all adieu, at least for the time being. See at the next Friday Catblogging! ;)

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Ceri said...

Hi Amy, thanks for this it was a useful reminder. Katy and I are going to visit the exhibition on Friday lunchtime hopefully so will let you know what we think!