Campaign for Museums Survey - the results!

You might be very happy or very alarmed to see that the person that the public (well the people who answered the Campaign for Museum's survey, as academics we should be accurate) would most like to see representing 2007 in a museum is... Kate Moss! I was not at all surprised really because not only did the survey restrict the response by only giving a pre-determined list of possibilities but who has been in the news the most often recently? Miss Moss of course. It's like any survey of THE BEST album of the past 20 years, people are most likely to nominate something they heard recently rather than trawl through their memory banks extensively. How many polls of the BEST album of the last 20 years would now include Radiohead's OK Computer for instance? Anyway I digress from museums a bit so will return swiftly to the point of this item which is to draw your attention, if you are in any way interested, to the results of the Campaign for Museum's Museum and Gallery month 2007 survey which can be digested by following the link below.


Amy said…
I can't remember who I voted for, but I'm pretty certain it wasn't Kate Moss. Though, looking on the bright side, if museums do - as society seems to think - put objects into a kind of suspended animation, accessioning her might put her 'out of circulation' for a bit. Which would make me, for one, very happy indeed. ;)

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